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Welcome to Bridgewater Community Church. We are delighted that you have found our website and hope that the resources here will allow you to become acquainted with what we believe and the ways our church can serve you and your family. We invite you to join us this weekend for our Sunday service as well

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Holding to Sound Doctrine

by John MacArthur. One of the Devil’s more subtle schemes is leading believers away from sound doctrine. He knows that his best chance of immobilizing an effective Christian witness is through distraction with unscriptural, questionable, irrational, and shifting doctrines. Even if we are not affected by any particular infiltration of false doctrine, our Christian walk

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Upcoming Events at BCC

This Week Adult Bible Fellowship—Wednesday, July 29th  at 6:30 PM. Wretched Man that I Am Every believer understands the frustration, confusion, and doubt caused by our sin after we’re saved. We know we’ve been transformed through the power of God’s redeeming work. He’s changed our nature and set us free from the dominion of sin and Satan.

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