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Welcome to Bridgewater Community Church. We are delighted that you have found our website and hope that the resources here will allow you to become acquainted with what we believe and the ways our church can serve you and your family. We invite you to join us this weekend for our Sunday service as well as our Wednesday evening events.

At BCC, we believe that God has a perfect plan for every life and that the Bible shows us how we can find true peace and joy. So many individuals and families are searching desperately for a purpose and looking hopelessly for the help that only God can give. Helping people know and understand that plan is what we will explore together in God’s Word.

At BCC, you will find a church family that sincerely cares for you; we invite you and your family to attend.

Pastor Mark Pitman
Bridgewater Community Church
07984 County Road P-50
Montpelier, OH 43543



Upcoming Events at BCC

This Week

Adult Bible Fellowship—Wednesday, April 29th at 6:30 PM in the fellowship hall.

God’s Own Defense of Scripture The Bible declares itself to be true.  Yet the court of public opinion often attacks that claim with doubt, disbelief, even disgust.    What’s the best way to defend scripture-reason, history, archeology, personal experience?  We will spend several weeks in the Men’s Study showing how the Bible itself gives the best testimony to its veracity.  You can be confident that the Bible you own is indeed God’s Word-this study helps you see why.

Upcoming Events and Notes of Interest: 

Soup Sunday/Family NightMay 17th will be our next Soup Sunday/Family Night. If you would like to help with one of our 3rd Sunday meals, please contact Kylie Towers or sign up at the Welcome Center.  Kylie: 419-553-6857, birdy01@hotmail.com

2015 Graduates—On Sunday, June 14th we will be recognizing our 2015 Graduates during the morning service.   If you have a student that will be graduating this year, please email Ann Marie 10-15 pictures by May 24th. Ann Marie Eicher: 419-485-8229, annmarie@bridgewatercc.org

VBS—The date has been set! Please mark your calendars for Saturday, August 1st for a fun day at VBS.  More information will be coming soon.  Thank You Kylie for organizing this great day for the kids!


* You many also find additional BCC events under the “2013 Sermons” tab, under “Special Events.”


The Grip of God

rom 8-38

It’s a troubling question that Christians of every generation have struggled with: “Is my salvation really for keeps?” The path leading from small doubts about eternal security to paralyzing fear, anxiety, and self-analysis is a short one—and frequently traveled. So, what guarantees, if any, does God make about the permanence of His saving work? What forces could undo the salvation He grants? To what extent is the grip of God able to keep you saved? And why does He save sinners in the first place?  In this study, we will look at Romans 8:28–39, Scripture’s most direct passage on eternal security. This study will elevate you to the very throne room of God to show you all He does to keep you firmly in His grasp.   Join us on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm.


The Corinthian Song – A cappella Arrangement

I am troubled, yet not distressed.
Perplexed, but not in despair.
Cause I’m a vessel full of power,
With a treasure, none can compare.

Persecuted, but not forsaken.
Cast down, but not destroyed.
I’m a vessel full of power
With a treasure, from the Lord.

I’m a vessel full of power
With a treasure from the Lord.

So thank you father for your power
It has resurrected me.
Oh, the painful circumstances
That my poor soul could not flee.

Bruised and battered but not broken
Brought my sin back, From sin I am free
Cause I am a vessel, got a whole lot of power
With a treasure, delivered me.

Thank you father
For your power, it has resurrected me.
Oh, the painful circumstances
That my poor soul could not flee.
Oh, oh, oh, oh,

[Lead 1:]
I’m the vessel full of power
With a treasure from the Lord

I’m the vessel full of power
With a treasure from the lord [x3]

I’m a vessel, you’re a vessel full of power
You’ve got power from the Lord.
I’m a vessel full of power
Treasure from the Lord

I’m a vessel, full of power with a treasure from the Lord.