a church in montpelier, ohio

Good Listners

When I was growing up, I had difficulty listening well. (My wife might say that I still have the same problem today.)  I believe most of us could be much better listeners.  Good listeners make good company.  Good listeners make good friends.  Good listeners make good learners.  Good listeners make good teachers.  And good listeners

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Upcoming Events at BCC

This Week   Adult Bible Fellowship—“Pick a Chapter”  Wednesday, June 20th  at the Annex beginning at 6:30pm.  During our Wednesday night bible study, we will “Pick a Chapter” of Scripture.  The intent is to select a section or chapter of the bible that you’d like to study in detail.  If you have wondered what a section really means or you have wrestled

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Due to ice and snow conditions Bridgewater Community Church will be closed today, February 11, 2018.