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Welcome to Bridgewater Community Church. We are delighted that you have found our website and hope that the resources here will allow you to become acquainted with Christ and the teachings of the bible.  We invite you to join us this weekend for our Sunday service as well as our Wednesday evening events. At BCC,

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Solving Problems Biblically

Have you ever been in a public setting where your name was called out unexpectedly?  Many of us have experienced that in one way or another.  An acquaintance of mine (let’s call him Joe) tells a story when he was in 8th grade, he had a teacher we’ll call Mr. Smith.  This was back in

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Purposeful Instruction

A few months ago, I purchased a new GPS system.  For a hundred dollars, I could buy a device that would tell me exactly where I was and exactly where I need to go.  I punch in the desired destination and the device will tell me exactly what steps to take to get there.  

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